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Espwa Demen empowers families to stay together and thrive.

Students Sponsored
Meals Provided
Creole Bible Storybooks Given
Disabled Cared For


Nelson and Rachel Espazien started up their non-profit in Haiti shortly after their marriage in 2020. It became clear to them that though Haiti was in a desperate situation, there was still hope.

That Haiti’s youth have an opportunity to change the course of the nation. And more importantly, the greatest hope rests in Jesus Christ who has a good plan for the island of mountains, even now, and is ever working behind the scenes bringing beauty from ashes…

Meet the team...


I grew up in a small farming community in Centre Haiti, struggling through school because of my parents lack of finances. By God’s grace, when I was in my 20’s, I came to work for an American woman using the hands-on skills I had learned in the time I was unable to go to school. This woman paid for the remaining years of my education until I graduated. Though I was grateful, it bothered me that my classmates and siblings weren’t able to share the same privilege as I. This started to form the desire in my heart to help others who were in need just as I had been helped. I prayed for the means to do so. Even before I had the means I would find ways to use what little I did have for others. In 2017 I met my wife Rachel, when she came to volunteer where I worked. We became friends over time, began dating, came to love each other, and eventually got married. God provided a wonderful wife for me who shared my vision for helping underprivileged children. Through prayer and support, along with our friends, we have begun to see that vision becoming a reality.


I was raised in a Christian home, living in Missouri most of my life. Growing up I was very selfish and thought of international missions as borderline crazy. It took many painful moments of pressing for my eyes to be opened. I eventually gave in to God’s call that had been on my life from the beginning and stopped making my own plans. In the Philippines in 2016 I began to cherish cross-cultural ministry. Through a series of God orchestrated events I ended up in Haiti, a completely different island, in 2017. God broke down all my excuses and I went back. Through years of serving with a ministry there I came to love the country and its people. I met my best friend and the love of my life there. I was drawn to his character and unselfish love for others. He wooed me into marrying him. It was the best decision of my life! Everything God has brought me through and taught me has prepared me for life in Haiti. Supporting Nelson in his calling has become my greatest joy!



Valèry was born in Port Au Prince Haiti. He studied nursing, once graduated he worked in the Mirebalais local hospital NICU for six years. When the Covid pandemic came to Haiti he was responsible for the Covid isolation ward for two years. He is now working as the head nurse in a nearby village. Valery has a wife, Michelle, and two children; son Noah who is 5 years old, and daughter Maeva who is 3 months old. We became friends with Valery nearly a year ago and have since become very close with their family. He has a huge heart that puts people above everything else. He is available and generous. God has truly blessed us with this friendship. We have placed Valery over all of our ministry endeavors locally and are excited to see what we can accomplish together.



Born and raised in an isolated little village in Centre Haiti. Amongst his parents and 7 younger siblings. A co-founder of OCIDES, a holistic organization focused on meeting various needs in the community from student scholarships to building homes for the homeless to job creation. Founded in 2020 with his childhood friends Tchia and Carl. Steeve works for Digicel in the general area of Centre Haiti and is engaged to his longtime sweetheart. He enjoys visiting his brothers, taking videos, and being a chofer for friends in his spare time.

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