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A Busy Month!

The first nine days of May were very busy for all of us at GSA! 

I created clipboards with two months of daily preschool projects for the mamas to use with the littles. Then, I taught them how to do some of them. 

We planned a simple and beautiful wedding for a couple expecting a baby. Within a few days, we threw it together and made it happen! We also found them a house to rent as they begin their life together.

I made some fruity tea and transported it to the school for their fruit party. This gave me an opportunity to visit the kids and return with a ton of mangoes from the schoolyard trees.

I got to be a part of the baby dedication of my little godson, Stevenson. At the ceremony, I stood with his parents before the church.

I had two days to catch up with my very first friend in Haiti. He moved away because of bad circumstances. It was a great gift to be able to talk to him and hear of the amazing work God has done in his life since then. It was an answer to many, many of my prayers.

I went on an evening trip to Konje for some sightseeing with a sweet friend. 

I spent a beautiful evening with friends to bring in the harvest and tell them goodbye. 

On May 9th I headed to the airport for my flight home. It’s been busy since being home. My second day back we left for a family vacation. My family also moved while I was away, so there is much to be done in the new house. 

My older sister and one of my younger sisters will be going to Colorado in a week, so my original plan to head back to Haiti in June has been moved to July in order to serve my family in their absence. I will also be working with my dad and finding other odd jobs to save up for my trip back on the 1st of July. 

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Hi! I’m Rachel. Through a series of God orchestrated events I ended up in Haiti, in 2017.  Through years of serving with a ministry there I came to love the country and its people. I met Nelson and we got married in 2020. It was the best decision of my life! 


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