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A Sobering Update

Lord, I know who you are and that you are working even now. I stand in fear of you. In this time, while we have yet to see your purposes, revive your work. In this time, make it known that you are working; as your wrath pours out on this nation, remember mercy, oh God. Be merciful to your people who are in the middle of it all. (My paraphrase of the prayer in Habakkuk 3:2) 

I pray, amid these hardships which rock Haiti and our lives, as Habakkuk did while anticipating judgment on his nation. 

The Good News 

A few good things have happened lately. One thing we have waited a long time for–my husband has rented a small apartment in Haiti that will be our first home as a married couple. It will serve as our temporary house while we build our permanent place. 

Secondly, after much prayer and discussion, we have decided on a clear direction to head as we begin our ministry endeavors as a couple. 

I wish this were all the news I have to share, coupled with my departure date, but it is not.

The Bad News 

As we celebrated our freedom in America, Haitians were once again finding their freedoms destroyed. The situation in Haiti is far more devastating than we could have imagined as we near our first anniversary apart. It now seems that the separation will not end soon. 

The past month has held discouragement after discouragement. Gang violence and political unrest have deepened in Haiti, and tropical storms are hitting its coast. 

Missionary Deaths 

A fatal plane crash took the lives of two missionary men on the 2nd. Seeking to avoid impassable roads due to gang control, they took a private plane to their ministry in the south. Their deaths left two widows and nine fatherless children. One family remains in Haiti’s capital, unable to depart to the safety of the US. It is devastating news. 

As 2020 was the year of ministry graveyards in Haiti. Many missionaries packed up and left due to unrest. These men stayed who despite the danger. Their loss is an enormous loss on many fronts. 

Presidential Assassination 

Early in the morning of the 7th, Haitian President Jovnel Mois was assassinated at his home. His wife also was wounded. It is unclear whether she has died. 

Again Haiti is plunged into the uncertainty and chaos of another coup. We do not know how the coming days and weeks will play out. 

Borders are locked down, and the US embassy is closed. 

We wait to see if a peaceful transition to a temporary government will be possible until a formal election can happen. It is too early to tell if the opposition gangs will take advantage of the coup and spread more chaos into our small village areas. 

The country is in the hands of newly elected prime minister Claude Joseph. And the national police force, whom I might add, can not, for lack of resources, keep gang violence down even when there is a president. Let alone now. 

A Reminder 

The bad far outways good right now in Haiti, and there seems little hope for things to get better. Yet, we know who our God is and that His plan is for our good. 

As I have been reading and studying Habakkuk, I am reminded that He is enthroned. He is in charge, He is faithful, and He’s working even now. 

Please Pray 

While we trust, know it is not easy for those who live in the middle of a coup in a corrupt country like Haiti with all the danger it entails. Join me in prayer.

  • Pray for peace, comfort, and a resolve to this long-standing crisis. 
  • Pray for the missionaries who have bravely chosen to stay in Haiti and now have no choice but to remain. 
  • Pray for the families of the men who died in the crash.
  • Pray for the Haitian church to stay strong as the atmosphere darkens. 
  • Pray for the safety of my husband. The strength to endure yet another traumatic event and his comfort as we will likely be spending our anniversary apart. 

Want To Donate? 

If you would like to support the widows on the plane crash and their families, I have linked their Go Fund Me pages below.

Link One

Link Two

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