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Christmas News 2023

December 2nd Espwa Demen held our first ever Haitian Christmas Banquet at our local church. We prepared authentic Haitian food, presented a slideshow going over all the facets of our ministry work in Haiti, had tables set up with a sponsorship opportunity, silent auction items, and Christmas boxes to take home and fill for the students in our sponsorship program.

Thought the event had a lower attendance then we would have liked it still had a positive outcome. From this event we raised $395, have the potential for 5 more students to be sponsored, and got 22 of 30 Christmas gift boxes packed for our sponsor students.

Christmas Program in Haiti

This year our plan for the Christmas program is a bit different than last year. We will still host this event in two areas of Haiti central to all of our students. It will include providing a meal for our students and their families, reading the Christmas story in Haitian Creole, music, and games.

However, instead of us fundraising to purchasing gifts for our students we gave our sponsors and other attendees the opportunity to pack Christmas boxes with a packing list for reference plus additional items of their choosing.

At our banquet event we were able to give away 22 of these boxes to be filled and returned! We are left with only 9 of our students to purchase items for. This will cost about $12 per box or $108. The Christmas boxes will be brought down in luggage. The cost of two large boxes for this flight will be $150. If you would like to donate towards filling the last 9 boxes or bringing the boxes down in luggage you can do so here: Just scroll down to the ‘Where Most Needed’ donation bar.

Visiting The Church Build

Another project lined up for the beginning of January is for a team to visit the congregation we have been helping to build their new church building. On this visit they will meet with the church leaders to go over progress reports and current needs.

Along with this visit we hope to make another donation of concrete. So far we have $200 allotted to this purchase. This will cover about 15 bags of concrete. We would love to make it 45 bags. This will require $400 more.

If you are able to help out with this need please make a donation here:

Haiti Situation Update

Things are still dangerous in and around our area of Haiti. Especially the roads to/from the airport, I will not be going down to Haiti this time. My husband will be hosting the programs and checking up on things along with some of our local volunteers.

We would appreciate your prayers for their safety, for peace in our village as they plan for the events and visit our sponsored student’s homes, uneventful travel, and the meeting of all of our financial needs surrounding this trip.

We wish you all a joy filled holiday season, thank you for your ongoing support.
We couldn’t do any of what we do without you. <3

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