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Fête Gede

In the United States, it is Halloween. Kids dress up as cute little princesses, ponies, superheroes, or a bloody zombie. They go door to door looking for candy and treats.

In Haiti, October 31st through November 2nd is known as “Fête Gede” (Fête is “the celebration of.” Gede is the voodou spirit of the dead). The holiday is known in other countries as the day of the dead and Halloween is from the same roots. It is a dark day of death and spirit worship widely observed by voodou worshippers. Demon possession. Digging up graves or wasting food and livestock by offering them to spirits of the dead. Drinking and drunkenness. No cute little kids are holding out their hands for candy. Rather, solemn little kids are forced to do and witness awful things in the name of Satan.

I cannot condemn those in the states who innocently enjoy the day, dressing up silly or the 13 pounds of candy they collect (my sisters and I collected that much from church trunk n’ treats years ago!). Dear reader there is so much you must know. Study the origin of these celebrations and what they mean in other corners of the world.

If you could only feel the darkness that is building as the day approaches here. If you could only hear the cries of children who are used in the ceremonies both this holiday and throughout the year. If you only knew the struggle some of our kids go through who have come from voodou practicing families and know how deep their scars run. If you could only count the number of mentally ill that were made so by voodou practices. If you only heard the worship and the dreadful music that fills the streets for the enemy of God’s people.

A Haitian Christian understands much more of the spiritual warfare that goes on behind the scenes in our world today than many of us Americans can wrap our minds around. Christians, your Haitian brothers, and sisters do not think twice that their voodou practicing family members would join in on the festivities, but they cannot fathom how those who profess to know Christ would take part in a holiday that glorifies the one who opposes Him in every way. The one who loves death. The one who takes pleasure in evil. The one who wishes to rid the world of all light and love.

Friend, I do not condemn you. I only ask that as you go about today you think of what Halloween is all about.

Abstain from all appearance of evil.

1 Thessalonians 5:22

But that we write unto them, that they abstain from pollutions of idols, and [from] fornication, and [from] things strangled, and [from] blood.

Acts 15:20

My son, walk not thou in the way with them; refrain thy foot from their path:

Proverbs 1:15

In Haitian Voodoo, the Gede is a spirit related to death and fertility. The rituals performed during Fête Gede are not for the faint of heart. Singing, dancing, and drinking are accompanied by animal sacrifices, various other offerings, and actual possessions by the spirits… Fête Gede is the Vodou equivalent of Mardi Gras, the Day of the Dead, and Halloween, all in one.

L’union Haitian News

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