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Hey Guys, We’re Married

Above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful.

Colossians 3:14-15

He’s down on one knee, smiling up at you, ring in hand. You’ve waited months for this moment. The joy overwhelms you as you exclaim, “Yes!” You’ve just said yes to pursuing a life with the man that you love.

Fast forward a few months. You’re dressed in white, walking down a flower-filled aisle in the spring air, surrounded by your family, and his, and the mutual friends you share. Your dreaming continues to handwritten vows. The food you will have catered. The first dance. Leaving the ceremony in a decorated car, headed off to your honeymoon. Oh, the honeymoon, that long-awaited moment. It is blissful but soon over because honeymoon life isn’t cheap, but you don’t mind. You grab the few things you have and head home. Your first home together.

Isn’t this how it’s supposed to be?

It is how I pictured my marriage story. God created women with childhood dreams and high ideals. From the age of 13, we have Prince Charming in mind. We count down the years until happily ever after. We plan out the details–including the flavor of the wedding cake–before our first date.

Sometimes God has other plans for us that don’t fit the norm. It’s ironic that I, an avid planner, and idealist, would be where I am today, catawampus from all I had in mind, with unknowns and an uncharted future.

We fell in love (for lack of a better phrase), me and the son of a farmer from Boyer, a small village in Haiti that doesn’t show up on most maps.

We met in 2017 when I went to Haiti on a mission trip. It was a slow falling, but we ended up falling headlong eventually. We became engaged in October 2019. Afterward, we were separated for eight long months by my midwifery training in the Philippines and COVID-19. Possibly the most difficult eight months of my life.

In July 2020, after being separated for so long, we got married at a local courthouse in Haiti. This enabled us to begin a green card application, which is a long process. The end goal is that we could come and go to Haiti together. If we are in Haiti, we are together. If in the states, I won’t have to leave him behind. We didn’t announce our marriage because we were planning a little ceremony by the ocean in the fall to make it official.

Fast forward, and the country fell into unrest again. Worse than all the past times. Expected visitors to the mission canceled. Airlines cut down on routes or pulled out of Haiti completely. The chaos of COVID-19 that took center stage elsewhere became secondary to kidnappings and murder in Haiti. We realized that a wedding in 2020 would not be possible. So we waited again.

I went back to the US in winter and returned to Haiti in mid-February. Nothing was better. This time I flew into a secondary city that is less prone to violence than the capital. Still, I got trapped on one side of the mountain. Nelson was left waiting for me on the other side. I stayed the night in a hotel. Early the next day, I got through. We realized afresh that we could not have Americans come down for a wedding anytime soon.

Over a few weeks, we talked and prayed. Surrendering the idea of a wedding ceremony. We don’t want to put life on hold waiting for peace in Haiti or for a Green Card. Even though we wanted a wedding and knew a ceremony would be a beautiful memory to look back on. We chose this option because it is what’s best for our marriage. Though our promises were never spoken through a microphone publicly, we know each other’s hearts. We were ready.

Our married life began simply. No ceremony or expensive honeymoon. No resort by the sea. Just the two of us and all the love a human being is capable of possessing. Though this is not how we expected to announce our marriage, we don’t regret one moment of our exceptional journey. Our hearts are so full of joy! We are so grateful to the Lord, who has worked out everything in His timing for our very best and continues to go before parting waters.

We desire to have a small marriage celebration in the future when things are stable. Then all of you who have yet to meet my husband will be able and get to share the joy of our marriage with us. For now, we wait, knowing that in the Lord’s time, this too will work out as it should.

A few life updates.

We are 9 months into Nelson’s green card process, the USCIS and NVS accepted his application. Our last step is the interview at the embassy in Haiti. Because of COVID-19 and unrest, there is a ton of backlog, and applicants are still waiting from early 2020 and 2019. We have no idea how long we are looking at. It could be later this year; it could also be 2022. Pre-COVID-19 interviews would be given within 3 months.

Housing is our biggest obstacle currently. Because we do not have a place of our own, it is difficult to live together full time while I am in Haiti. We have a piece of family land that we will be building on. We hope to start clearing it in a few months and draft the blueprints. We’ve started buying and reselling on a small scale for extra income and have a few other entrepreneurial business ideas.

In March, we made our first purchase as a married couple. A Platina motorcycle. Already it has been helpful and enabled us to get out more and save money that we would typically spend on rising transportation costs.

Specific ways you can pray for us.

  • Pray for the blessing of finances!
  • Pray for immigration to catch up on visa cases!
  • Pray for favor with the US government!
  • Pray for security to increase in Haiti!
  • Pray for a stop to gang kidnappings and killings!
  • Pray for housing logistics!
  • Pray for ministry opportunities as a couple!
  • Pray for the start of our marriage– that we would keep Christ at the center and increase in sacrificial love for each other!

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Hi! I’m Rachel. Through a series of God orchestrated events I ended up in Haiti, in 2017.  Through years of serving with a ministry there I came to love the country and its people. I met Nelson and we got married in 2020. It was the best decision of my life! 


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