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Ministry Update

God is good, and I am humbled. I have waited SO long for the privilege of sharing this with you all! God is doing new things in Nelson’s and my life, along with close friends in Haiti, and we are super happy. 

Start Of Scholarships 

I am excited to say that the 2021/2022 school year is twenty-four kids the richer. These kids, our kids, range from age three to twenty-three. All of them, for various reasons, would have missed out on this school year without financial help. 

Over six weeks in Haiti, our focus was on seeking out these kids, meeting their families, assessing their situations, and completing all the ins and outs of signing up for school. It was a privilege. 

In the future, we hope to also start a program with the kids. We will teach them bible lessons, hands-on life skills, and English. 


This village doesn’t show up on the tourist hotspot list (well, none of Haiti does anymore, but I’m talking about back in the days of tourism). It is a little area without paved roads. We have gone in three times to set twelve kids up for school. 

Our good friend Tchia has a big heart for the people of Saltadere, where he was born. His dream is to see poverty reduced and housing improved in that area. He came to us with the idea of partnering with him last year. After talking and praying, we decided that we wanted to start with scholarships in Saltadere as well. Tchia has put in many volunteer hours to make this happen, and we are grateful to be working with him. 

On Her Knees 

While there on the mission of seeking out the students, we came across a woman we couldn’t overlook. 

She has been lame from birth and hobbles about on her knees–a single mother of three unable to work. Her house was a mud hut that floods when it rains. Our hearts stirred to rent a wooden walled concrete floor house for her nearby. It is rain-tight and easier to keep clean. We also purchased new bedding and dishes for the four of them. 

Please, Come To Chevery 

Around the same time we were returning from Saltadere, a man called Nelson. He shared that his church is starting a program for the elderly. This program will reach out to those of the voodou faith. They will provide physical help through the church and in the church, so though these elderly will be coming for help, they will end up with something much more valuable–exposure to Jesus Christ and the gospel. 

We were excited to hear this and decided to visit the congregation. It is in the area where my husband was born and lived until his mother moved to Boyer when he was very young. 

The journey was long. Over mountains, through two rivers, down slopes–all on motorcycles. It ended with walking quite a distance. For safety, we traveled with a band of three other motorcycles and seven guys. Because of the rough trails, we were hours late and missed nearly all of the program.

The congregation has not only taken on an elderly program. They are building a concrete block church building to replace the small old wood one that is overflowing. Because concrete has doubled in cost this year, it has been slow going. 

We are undecided yet on how involved we want to get with the church because of the distance. But we hope to support them in some way. 

A Distressed Wheelchair 

We came across a man a few weeks ago that my husband knew as a child but thought he had passed away years ago. He is lame and sits on the ground. Nearby sits his wheelchair for when he needs to move. Never have I seen a wheelchair like that one. The back is completely gone, ropes functioning as a backrest. We took note of the man and promised to see what we could do. My husband gave him the little cash he was carrying for his next meal. 

After asking around, we were not able to find a chair locally. We are looking for one to send down in good condition, either donated or purchased at an affordable cost. 

This man is known for being a gentle soul. He was so grateful to be noticed and asked for nothing. We are looking forward to blessing him with a means of moving around more comfortably. 

Back in the US 

I am back in the states until December. I’ll be using this time to work as I’m able and to prepare a Christmas gift program for our students. We are grateful for the privilege we get of coming alongside these families to help with educating their children and preparing them for a brighter future. 

How to get involved 

Donations are always appreciated. If a specific area of ministry above grabs your attention, specify in the comment on the donation page where you would prefer your funds to go. 

Coming soon, we’ll be setting up child sponsorship pages for each of the kids to ensure we will be able to continue sponsoring them as well as more details on specific dollar amounts needed for each of the needs I’ve shared. 

Please continue to partner with us in prayer in the meantime! 

With thanks,

Nelson and Rachel Espazien


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Hi! I’m Rachel. Through a series of God orchestrated events I ended up in Haiti, in 2017.  Through years of serving with a ministry there I came to love the country and its people. I met Nelson and we got married in 2020. It was the best decision of my life! 


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