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Sponsorship info

Welcome to the sponsorship program! We are so glad to have you here.

Your generous gift will enroll your sponsored child in a local Christian school in his/her area, provide two hand tailored school uniforms, and all the books needed to complete the school year. Most students will also receive one meal a day at school.

Several times a year Espwa Demen volunteers check up on each student. They offer prayer support and meet various needs for each family.

Your impact starts with a child going to school, but it doesn’t stop there!

Less than 50% of children are able to complete school due to financial hardship, death of parents, or other unforeseen circumstances. This lack of education places these children in dire circumstances. Poverty, theft, teenage pregnancy, empty voodoo practices, etc. 

In contrast, a complete primary education greatly increases a child’s likelihood of continuing their education with college. This, in turn, creates better job opportunities and supports their families.

In addition, access to education provides a daily meal, access to Scripture, travel opportunities, and more. 

We thank God for stirring many hearts towards the plight of children and families in Haiti!

With your help we hope to reach our goal of 100 students in the sponsorship program. Every sponsorship is one step closer to that goal. 

WHat To expect

If you would like receive updates regarding our sponsorship program and your child, please fill out this form.

  • We send regular updates on your child, including a new photo each year.
  • You will have the opportunity to send letters to your child. As Haiti does not have a postal service, these letters can be submitted digitally. We will translate them and deliver them when we are in Haiti.