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Start of School

September means the start of school. After preparing material, training teachers, and fitting new uniforms on squirming kids, we began.

Previously, I was not very involved with the school. But it has been a joy getting to know each of the teachers and bonding with the kids. 

A new teacher from Port Au Prince joined for this school year. He quickly won his way into the affections of everyone at Grace Academy. He is unfamiliar with the way our school functions (it is very different from other schools in Haiti) and the 4th-grade curriculum isn’t finished. For this reason, it was suggested that a friend and I help with the 4th-grade art class (until I leave). We spent a week creating sample projects with step-by-step directions.

Four days each week I oversee the class and help where needed. The class includes ten of the older kids. They are my favorite! 

It was also sweet to watch the littlest kids transition from home to a different environment. Though they are at school five days a week, most did very well. Only a few tears were shed during the first week.

A large donation purchased a new truck for GSA. It simplifies outreach such as food distribution, hospital trips, home visits, even educational outings with the kids.  It has also become a temporary school bus to save on our monthly bus fees. Everyone thanks God with excitement for this long-awaited blessing.

Protesting Starts Up Again

Things have heated up again in Haiti. The situation is grave. Everyone is on edge. The darkness and fear are tangible. 

Road blockades crush plans and keep everyone inside walls (including our intern who canceled her flight twice). Protestors burn tires and schools, loot and vandalize. Rocks and wood fly. Gunshots punctuate the night like fireworks.

Very few remain optimistic. Everyone takes sides, but no one knows what they are fighting for. They only know that something must change– whatever it takes. 

We join together for times of prayer– prayer for the country, for the leadership, for light to break through the darkness and bring lasting change. We hold on to hope though we cannot yet see the fruit of our prayers. Eighteen kids are entrusted to our care, and these kids are the future of Haiti.

Four little kids watch the truck drive away with disappointment each morning. They eagerly await the day they will be old enough to join the others at school. During the day they are occupied with activities that aid their learning and development.

The speed at which they are growing is unbelievable! I look over pictures from the past two years and feel like a mother watching my kids grow up. Their baby stages fade away. Though it is sad, with it comes new freedom to connect with them and involve them in ministry. Each season brings new and different joys.

Thine eyes are blinded with fruitless longing. Look away to My eternal purposes. How easy it is to give place to myself, my moods and feelings. The Lord save me from belonging to the order of the self-pitying. No man hath a velvet cross.

Elisabeth Elliot

Let us not look to the future in fear and anxiety, nor the past with regret and longing. Here and now seek the Lord. Be filled with His spirit to the drowning of self and exalting of Christ and His eternal purpose. He is ever near. The cross comes at a cost, it is my all for His. 

I plead with each of you reading this, that you would draw near to your Maker with reckless abandon. At the end of the day, none of my activities or accomplishments will be of importance, only how greatly I have loved Christ, and how I have treasured all of Him. What you are filled with pours out to those around you. This has been the lesson of a quiet season of mundane routine, waiting for the calm, waiting (longing) for greater activities. However, in longing, we can lose sight of His one purpose– that we would know Him deeply and out of our fullness in Him, make Him known. Living lives that look, not interesting, not fun, not extraordinary, but different. Lives of passion and love.

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Hi! I’m Rachel. Through a series of God orchestrated events I ended up in Haiti, in 2017.  Through years of serving with a ministry there I came to love the country and its people. I met Nelson and we got married in 2020. It was the best decision of my life! 


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