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To My Beloved Haiti (A Memoir)

Days and weeks turned quickly into months. Months unraveled into a year. Lives and hearts intertwined closer day by day.

As I sit here watching the multitude of people & cars & dogs filing up and down the street, to do as they must or as they desire, I can’t help but feel this wholly:

At this my heart trembles and leaps from its place.

Job 37:1

The unexpected is lived out here. There is joy greater then I have ever known and sorrow that kidnaps my ability to breathe. So often, the two come together. A year of memories ebb and flow through my mind, the good & the beautiful & the hope that is found within this house, with these children. It fills me joyfully full.

A friend of a friend shared these beautiful words about her time in India. My heart feels much the same about Haiti. Who knew that a week long trip would turn into weeks, months, now heading into my second year of being involved with Grace House, with the rural community, with all the beautiful kids and staff and neighbors that I have come to know. So many memories have been built. Good and beautiful memories, breathtaking and joyful moments that I wish to hold on to forever, times of crippling sorrow, thick darkness that in the moment seemed impossible to walk through, grief, sickness and exhaustion.

Haiti you have changed me… you have changed everything.

Haiti my life has become so much harder after stepping off that plane a long ago November day.

Haiti on your soil I have shed more tears than I ever dreamed possible. You made me realize the weakness and vulnerability of my heart, how broken this world is.

Haiti you have stirred up deep desires in me that I had laid to rest. You have brought out my passions and awakened a fire in my soul to do something about it.

Haiti you have brought me some of the most beautiful gifts that I could never have dreamed possible.

Haiti you have taught me so much about loving others. Truly loving others that are different in every possible way. Others who misunderstand, others who have offended me and have been offended by me more times than I can count.

Haiti you have bent me to the breaking point and caused me to cling to Christ for my very life.

Haiti you have wounded me and built me up stronger.

Haiti because of your slow pace I don’t have to rush anymore. Because of your mountains I am reminded daily. Because of your people I know what true community is. Because of your food I’m no longer controlled by appetite.

Haiti you have been a hard hard path to walk… but I wouldn’t change a thing because all of the pain is worth it.

Lord, it is you who have done this! Come what may my heart will follow You onward. You have put me in Haiti and Haiti in me for such a time as this.

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Hi! I’m Rachel. Through a series of God orchestrated events I ended up in Haiti, in 2017.  Through years of serving with a ministry there I came to love the country and its people. I met Nelson and we got married in 2020. It was the best decision of my life! 


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